Stretching the Goals of Financing, LLC

Judson Beachler has been a personal trainer for 25 years. He took yoga classes from the previous owner of Tri-Fitness in 2005. A couple of months later, purchased the business and founded Tri Fitness/The Yoga Factory LLC. In 2007, he moved the business to 235 East Broadway in Westerville where he still currently operates.

Over the years, Mr. Beachler has expanded into additional suites as he increased the number of classes offered. Today, the business offers Pilates, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga, Eccentrics, Suspension Training, Restorative Yoga, Personal Training, and Nutrition advising. Recently, Mr. Beachler has also begun working with several high schools and local colleges to provide personal sports exercise training.In November of 2018, OSDC and Marc Ridgway of Heartland Bank assisted with financing for Mr. Beachler to purchase the property out of which the business has been operating for the past 10 years.