A Clean Turn

CleanTurn International, LLC is an established provider of professional and commercial interior demolition and cleaning services. The enterprise is focused on hiring individuals who have faced significant obstacles to employment due to an embattled past. This includes homelessness, incarceration, human trafficking, domestic violence and other challenges. In May of 2019, OSDC and PNC Bank assisted with financing to purchase the property CleanTurn currently occupies in Franklinton, just west of downtown Columbus.

“Leveraging cash for growth and impact is vital for any organization, but especially for an organization like ours where we are creatively looking for ways to provide supportive employment for our team members,” said CleanTurn President John Rush. “Working with OSDC to reduce our down payment allowed us to secure a remarkable asset that can serve as a resource for our team while preserving cash for continued growth and community impact. The OSDC team understands this and shares our heart for community engagement and high impact. From such a heart, they provided remarkable service and ensured an incredible financing experience.”

Above is a video that gives some more information on the great work CleanTurn is doing in our community. Congratulations to CleanTurn on its new building in Franklinton!