Seven Things Businesses Should Tackle Before 2024

OSDC’s Executive Director, Katie Kramer, was featured in a recent article in The Playbook discussing seven things small business owners should do before the end of the year. Experts across the country shared these seven tips:

  • Recognize top performers and show appreciation
  • Take steps to encourage retention and engage workers
  • Review marketing plans and customer-acquisition strategies
  • Review employee performance and jobs that are required
  • Plan for a potential sale or ownership transition
  • Get on top of banking relationships and lending options
  • Retain holiday shoppers and new customers

As you finalize your 2024 finances and plans, we look forward to supporting your efforts and helping you secure the financing you need to support your business goals. Katie said it best in the article, “Make sure you meet with local economic developers, who can help navigate taxes, incentives, grants or permitting. If you’re considering real estate or equipment purchases in your growth plan, the SBA will likely have the most attractive loans available.”

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Seven things businesses should tackle before 2024 arrives

The Playbook

November 7, 2023