Borrower Spotlight: Costume Specialists


Location: Columbus

County: Franklin

Lending Partner: KeyBank

Founded in 1983, Costume Specialists is the world’s only custom mascot character production company that manufactures both foam and inflatable costumes. Under the leadership of Greg Manger, President and CEO, the company is dedicated to turning any character into a star, with creations that have reached global fame. Their custom mascots are a mainstay at movies, TV shows, social media, amusement parks, and even educational and corporate events across the world. 

Costume Specialists is renowned not just for sports mascots but for their presence at trade shows, chain restaurants, financial institutions, and more. Their costumes have become iconic symbols in various industries, known for attracting attention and building revenue in a uniquely engaging manner. Proudly made in the U.S.A., these costumes help companies everywhere build their brand in a fun and memorable way. 

Comprehensive Services 

Beyond creation, Costume Specialists offers an extensive range of services to maintain and manage mascots. Their ‘mascot spa’ ensures that these celebrity characters remain in top condition, ready to perform at any event. This comprehensive care and management reflect the company’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction long after the costume leaves the production floor. 

Collaboration with OSDC and Local Banks 

With assistance from OSDC and KeyBank, Costume Specialists secured Financing through the Ohio 166 Regional Direct Loan Program to support their innovative manufacturing processes and expansion efforts. This partnership has enabled them to enhance their facility and continue producing a diverse array of costume offerings.