2021 Annual Questionnaire
1. Has there been any change in ownership of the operating business within the last year?
2. If the entity owning the land and building or equipment is other than the one that owns the business, have there been any changes in either (a) the ownership of the entity owning real estate and/or equipment or (b) lease conditions with tenant(s) within the last year?
3. Have any federal or state tax liens or judgments been filed against your business or its property?
4. Has your business acquired any additional long-term debt in 2020 for (a) Machinery/Equipment (b) real estate purchase or improvements (c) other
5. If applicable, please check all the available insurances you are maintaining.
6. If applicable, please check all payments that are current:
7. Has your business complied with equal opportunity and non-discrimination requirements of the SBA?
*Report part time employees as full time equivalents by calculating the total number of hours worked by part time employees per week and dividing by 40 hours. Eg. 3 part time employees that work 20 hours each for a total of 60 hours = 60/40hours = 1.5 Full time employees.
9. Are you planning to acquire additional fixed assets in the future for which OSDC might provide financial assistance?